We All Live Together Volume 5 Cd


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With more than two million recordings sold to date, Greg & Steve hold the rank of the number-one children’s music duo in the country. It’s easy to see why is their singable lyrics and catchy melodies are set to a contemporary beat. Parents and teachers alike find Greg & Steve’s tunes a fun way to teach children basic concepts such as colors and numbers as well as friendship and cooperation. Greg & Steve have received numerous accolades, including five Parents’ Choice Awards and an Earlychildhood NEWS Award.

Songs include:
1. We’re All Together Again
2. The Number Game
3. I Like Potatoes
4. A-Walking We Will Go
5. Old Brass Wagon
6. Rainbow of Colors
7. Friends Forever
8. Get Up and Go
9. Rock ‘n Roll Rhythm Band
10. Let’s Go to the Market
11. Down on the Farm
12. Desert Nights