Science In Action Time Link Bb Set


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Discover the real-life application of the scientific method with this step-by-step examination of discoveries by some of history’s most influential scientists. In addition to highlighting important scientists and their work, the Time Link familiarizes students with a variety of scientific fields of study and the use of the scientific method to obtain results. Energize learning and spark enthusiasm about historical events and people with Time Links, our original and engaging alternative to traditional timelines. Time Links offer at-a-glance sequencing of events, people, and other important chronological or historical details. Unlike standard timelines,Time Links provide expanded details about the featured topic, but are still concise and compact. Each Time Link fosters learning and promotes recall. Set includes a reduced-size version of product assembled end to end to serve as a reference guide, study aid, and planning tool. Product is 7 5/8″ high x 88″ long (19.4 x 223.5 cm) when assembled end to end. Featuring colorful, instructive imagery to provide context and broaden understanding, engaging headlines and explanatory paragraphs, and concluding material to help students connect and apply new information.