Safari Friends Calendar Set Bb



The Safari Friends Calendar Set Bulletin Board includes all you need for a safari adventure: rugged off-road vehicles, jungle leaves, pith hats, binoculars, acacia trees, and more! The cute wildlife animals will charm you with their colorful prints, twinkling eyes and sweet smiles. The bright design is perfect for a variety of classroom decoration themes. This 67-piece calendar set includes a calendar chart, 12 month headlines, 31 pre-numbered calendar days, and 4 blank calendar days. The set also includes a days-of-the-week chart, a seasons and weather chart, and coordinating labels. Each month headline features seasonal and animal accents. Set also includes safari accents: 4 safari leaves, 3 binoculars, and 3 pith hats. The 12 month headlines feature seasonal and animal accents: January – snowflakes; cheetah, February – pink hearts; flamingoes, March – shamrocks; elephant, April – flowers and clouds; giraffe, May – flowers; crocodile with butterfly, June – suns; giraffe, July – watermelon slice; lion, August – suns, ice-cream, ones, and orange slices; crocodile, September – apples and pencils; cheetah, October – pumpkin; elephant, November – fall leaves; zebra, and December – string of holiday lights; meerkat.