Prove It Using Textual Levels 6 8


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Prove It! Using Textual Evidence will teach students how to read critically in literary and informational texts, look for central ideas in order to comprehend and research, and use what is credible to make informed decisions and create educated opinions. This essential classroom resource equips teachers with the strategies they need to teach students how to cite textual evidence when reading and writing. Equip grades 6-8 students with the expertise needed to master these skills through 10 skill lessons, including paraphrasing, proper MLA formatting, using credible sources, using block quotations, creating a bibliography, avoiding plagiarism, and direct quotations. Students will apply what they’ve learned through 20 practice exercises as they powerfully strengthen their writing and research skills and develop analytical thinking and logic. Aligned to McREL, TESOL, and WIDA standards, this resource will prepare students for college and career.