Lang Build 3 D 2 D Match Kit Animals


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Language Builder 3D – 2D Matching Kits provide the manipulative and photo materials for the most common introductory ABA and Autism Education lesson – matching.

The Animal Matching Kit contains 16 animals and 16 photo cards:
• 2 each of 8 different realistic plastic animals: Horse, Cow, Pig, Dog, Cat, Bird, Giraffe and Lion
• duplicate cards to correspond with each animal

Early language acquisition begins with the ability to understand objects as distinct and separate. Before learning that pictures represent real items (picture-object correspondence), children learn to match actual physical objects. This is a regular part of developmentally healthy play.

Next, when children master the skill of matching a 3D object to a 2D image, they understand that a 2D image can represent an actual object. Now you can use pictures to teach a variety of new language and functional skills!

Language Builder 3D-2D matching kits provide the tools so you can help children meet these critical language development milestones.