Lady Bug Ten Frame Math


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Children will have fun building a sound knowledge of addition and subtraction facts to 10 with this set of 40 full-color, photo-realistic 5.25″ Problem-Solving Cards, leaf motif Ten-Frame activity mat and 30 large, colorful, plastic frog manipulatives (10 each of red, yellow and blue). Students simply use the information provided on the nature-themed problem-solving cards to place adorable LadyBugs on the Ten-Frame “Leaf” card. They will quickly be able to subitize or count the LadyBugs to determine the correct answer. The answer side of the problem-solving card will present the visual match to self-check LadyBugs on their Ten-Frame Leaf. The card also states the numeric answer and introduces the equation in a color-coded format. Students with the ability to count and make ten will soon “see the operations” of sums and differences to 10 through these visual and hands-on activities! You can easily expand this set into multiple centers or whole class activities with Ten Frame Leaves, Lots of LadyBugs and Oodles of LadyBugs sold separately.