History Pockets Ancient Greece


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In History Pockets isAncient Greece, Grades 4 is6, you’ll find nine memorable discovery pockets. The introduction pocket gives an overview of the civilization. The other pockets give a comprehensive view of life in ancient Greece.The book includes the following pockets: Introduction to Ancient Greece–city-states, map, and time line, Military Power–Persian Wars, hoplite soldiers, and Alexander the Great, Daily Life–mosaic tiles, weddings, and Knucklebones, Government–art of persuasion, jurors’ ballots, and Socrates, Religion and Mythology–gods, goddesses, and myths, Work and School–at the agora, coins, schools of thought, Art and Architecture–frescoes, amphorae, and the Parthenon, Language and Literature–Greek alphabet, theater masks, and lyric poetry, Sports and Entertainment–banquets, pentathlon, and the Olympics. In each of the pockets you will find: a reproducible pocket label, a bookmark of short, fun facts about the subject, an art reference page, a fact sheet of background information for teacher and students, arts and crafts projects, plus writing activities. Evaluation forms are provided at the end of the book for teacher and student assessment purposes.