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Engaging and colorful, the Science Readiness Flip Charts provide the perfect hands-on resource for Early Childhood programs. The “write-on/wipe-off”, dry-erase activities are ideal for building fundamental, standards-based skills. Flexibly designed for use in whole class, small group and individual scenarios! Each Science Readiness Flip Chart Set Includes 10 Double-sided, laminated charts – on each 12″ x 18″, Side 1 features a graphic overview of the topic while Side 2 is a “write-on/wipe-off” activity chart; Spiral-bound on a durable, free-standing easel; Teacher’s Guide featuring step-by-step teaching instructions along with copy-masters & exercises. Covers How Things Move; Ups & Downs; Pushing & Pulling; Magnets; Sink & Float; Sound All Around; Light, Heat & Sound; Wheels; Simple Machines; & How Heavy?