Daily Language Review Gr 7


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Give your seventh-graders the focused language arts practice they need to keep their language skills sharp.

36 weeks of practice covers standards-based skills such as:

Vocabulary/Word Study
– affixes
– analogies
– base/root words
– figurative language
– homophones
– idioms
– spelling

– punctuation: end of sentence, dialogue, letters, and run-on sentences
– apostrophes: contractions and possessives
– commas: series, dates, addresses, direct address/interjections, and compound and complex sentences
– semicolons

– beginning of sentence
– books, songs, and poems
– proper nouns

Grammar and Usage
– correct article, adjective, adverb, conjunction
– easily confused words
– sentences: parts, types, structure, fragments, and combining
– verbs: parts, tense, agreement with subject, usage, and spelling
– nouns: singular/plural, possessive, and proper
– pronouns: subject/object, possessive, and antecedents
– prepositional phrases/prepositions/objects of a preposition
– double negatives

Other Skills
– dictionary guide words
– syllabication
– outlines