(2 Pk) Math 1 2 Flash Cards 4 Per


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Addition and subtraction are the foundation of math success! Four colorful flash card sets in this one little package offers 4 times the learning! They’re perfect for home and classroom. Our proven flash cards will introduce essential addition and subtraction skills for first graders. The combination advances abilities, while also allowing for backtracking and reinforcing problems that still need practice. Do speed drills, play games, change it up! Parent cards in the decks suggest more activities that help kids develop essential skills, and each card pack has a Golden Scholar Club redemption code for a free online gift. Take them anywhere! Learning that goes where you go—that’s The School Zone Advantage. Set includes: Addition 0-12 Flash Cards, Subtraction 0-12 Flash Cards, Numbers 1-100 Flash Cards, Math War Addition & Subtraction Card Game. Each individual set contains 4 Flashcard packs, Bundle of 2 sets, 8 Flashcard packs total.