(12 Pk) Division 0 12 Flash Cards


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Is your child a math warrior? Getting unstuck is half the battle, and these flash cards will help your elementary school child learn to divide by lower numbers, and in the process, conquer their next timed test at school. To help your child get there, see the parent card for information covering the 5 Division Steps, answer checking, division terms and division equations, plus helpful hints on working with your child. We want your child to be successful in solving the “challenges” of math by providing the tools to develop these essential skills. That’s why we’ve developed these division flash cards for kids in third, fourth and fifth grades.

Fun Features & Big Benefits: 52 Problem Cards, 3 Division Information Cards, Parent Card with tips, 104 division problems from 4 ÷ 2 to 144 ÷ 12, Correct answers on reverse side of card, Easy-to-read numbers and words, Thick, durable cardstock, Rounded corners for easy sorting, A perfect travel companion! Bundle of 12 Flashcards packs.